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About MEGA Quest

Come enjoy the ONLY fully underground aerial ropes challenge course in the world! Mega Quest is one of only twenty courses of its kind in the USA

Great for a family activity, college get to gether or corporate outing! 

Birthday Party - Great place for your child's next birthday party with an optional private room. Every party comes with a party host and a lot more.
Call for more details! 502-855-6342.

Minimum age is five years old and up. Maturity level is important since each participant must be able to follow a three step process to transfer from one of the 76 challenges to another.

Height requirement - standing in place, each participant must be able to reach a height of 52 inches with an outstretched arm, in order to connect to each element.

Weight requirement - a participant cannot weigh more than 310 pounds

Safety - participants will be wearing over $800 worth of climbing gear including a full body harness, a special double hooked belay and helmet. See the gallery section for a video of our safety system.

Dress - closed toed shoes are required. No flip flops are allowed. We recommend that participants wear tennis shoes, jeans and tee shirts.

At a Glance

To Schedule a Mega Quest tour CLICK HERE.

  • No flip flops or open heeled shoes.
  • Participants are required to sign a waiver. Anyone under 18 years of age must have parent approval and/or other responsible adult to sign on behalf of a minor.
  • Ticket purchase reserves three hours on the course per person.
  • 76 challenging elements
  • Hottest extreme sport in Europe
  • Walk-ins Welcome (no spaces guaranteed without a reservation)
  • 2016 INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY - When the Louisville MEGA Cavern has to close due to inclement weather it is based on the safety factors that affect our customers as well as our employees.  These include winter weather warnings issued by local government agencies which could include the Louisville Metro area, the State of Kentucky or Federal government agencies that will be the basis for the decision.  Management will analyze all the data in advance of the event and decide on the possible closure in a timely manner.  The company could attempt to call all advanced sale customers to notify them of the possible closure.  Closing the cavern will only be based on weather that affects the Louisville Metro area and does not reflect other areas or states from which visitors may be traveling.  In the event of closure of the cavern, each customer will be entitled to a RAIN CHECK for a period of six months after the bad weather event.  WE WILL NOT GIVE REFUNDS.  If you are not comfortable about the future weather in Louisville we highly recommend that you simply show up on a first come first served basis rather than making an advance reservation.  This allows you to wait to the last second rather than making a commitment that may result in no refund.

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Consistently ranked as a top tourist attraction in Louisville, KY. Please click on the Trip Advisor link in this section to read reviews from people that have experienced the thrill and excitement of the Louisville Mega Cavern and all it has to offer.

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  • Saturday and Sunday

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    Ages 5 - 11
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Refund Policy is Strictly Enforced, No Exceptions will be Made!


Mega Quest FAQ

Can I schedule a special occasion event?

Yes.  Let us know and we can make special arrangements.  We have an outdoor pavilion that can accomdate up to 100 people and our indoor space will seat 250 for a meal and up to 350 for a meeting. Go to the "Contact Us" link on the Home Page to connect with the group sales department for additional information.

Do you have Birthday Parties?

Birthday Parties have a 10 person participant minimum for $260.00. You get 2 hours on the Mega Quest Aerial Course, pizza and unlimited drinks for the participants, plus 10 Mega Quest Invitations that you can mail to your guests. We rope off an area with tables for your group in the Mega Quest space (there will be other people in the area too, it is not a private space). You can also bring your own cake. For each additional participant the cost is $26.00 per person. There is no charge for others to come to watch who will not be participating in the Challenge Course. Please call Group Sales to book your Party today – 502-855-3581

What are the qualifications for participation?

Every participant must sign a waiver. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent. If the parent is not present, a photo copy of the parent's driver's license must accompany the signed waiver/release. If the waiver has been altered in any way, you will not be allowed to participate. Click here (PDF) to download the document.

No one under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or impairing legal drugs will be allowed to participate on the Challenge Course.

Pregnant women, people with heart, back, or leg problems will not be allowed to participate. No one over 310 pounds will be able to participate, or under the age of 5 years old.

What Equipment Will I Be Wearing on the Course?

You will be fitted with a full body harness, smart belays, gloves and a helmet with a miner's helmet light. The equipment is similar to rock climbing equipment, but designed specifically for a ropes course.

What Should I Wear?

Do not wear sandals, flip flops, open toed shoes or shoes without a back! If you do, you will not be allowed to participate and you will still be charged for the time even though you don't get to attempt the challenge course! You need to wear comfortable closed-toe shoes...something like tennis shoes.

Do not wear short shorts or shirts that do not have sleeves. This is due to the safety harness gear that you will be wearing......and yes, you must wear a shirt.

Make sure you have deep pockets or a pocket with a zipper or Velcro closure if you will be bringing keys, cell phones (if you bring your smart phone we have Facebook check-in), wallets or anything else that you do not want to lose. We recommend that you place your valuables in your car for security purposes. Louisville Mega Cavern and MEGA QUEST are not responsible for property lost, damaged, or stolen during your tour.

Do You Have Group Rates?

Yes. We offer rates for groups of 12 or more. Please call 502-855-3581 and ask to speak with a team member of Group Sales to discuss the group packages available. We also offer additional group rates for groups of 50 or more. To receive the group rate you must call and book - groups cannot be booked on-line nor will any refunds be given if you try to book a group on-line. All the group tickets must be purchased at one time and paid in full to guarantee your adventure.

Are Reservations Required?

No...but reservations are highly recommended. If you do not have a reservation, we will do our best to accommodate you based on availability, however, reservations are first come/first serve.

Should I Make an Advanced Reservation?

Yes, yes, yes. We fill up quickly and if you do not make a reservation and pay, you will not be guaranteed a spot on the Challenge Course. It is not pleasant for you or for us if you just show up and we can't get you on the course!

Does The Course Remain Open in Bad Weather?

We are totally underground, therefore, we do not have any weather issues.  We are open year-round regardless of the outside weather.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

We have a 7 day cancellation policy for non group bookings. If you cancel your reservation more than 7 days prior to your tour date, your payment will be refunded to you. If you need to change your reservation date or time, you may do so one time at no charge, as long as you contact us more than 7 days prior to your originally scheduled tour. No refunds, reschedules or ticket transfers will be given with less than 7 days notice. There are NO EXCEPTIONS including weather related issues. Groups booked through Group Sales must have final head count and payment submitted 14 days prior to tour date. No refunds/rain checks will be given less than 14 days to tour date. Once you reserve a spot, you are locked in. There are no refunds.

What If I Am Afraid of Heights?

It's not uncommon to have a fear of heights. Many people who have a fear of heights are still able to enjoy our tour. You'll be double-clipped to a thick steel cable at all times when you are off the ground. The tour guides will be able to answer all of your questions and be able to provide safety information and support as you progress through the course. 

How Far Will I Be Underground?

Depending on your location while on the tour you may be 100  feet under the highways, roadways and businesses above. We are also under the Louisville Zoo and a full service business park above ground.

How Safe Is It?

All underground adventure activities carry certain inherent risks. Our course is built to A.C.C.T. (Association for Challenge Course Technology) professional construction standards. Our tour guides are professionally trained and our equipment is of the highest quality. The course and equipment are inspected daily.

May I Bring a Camera?

You may not bring a camera or cell phone into the Mega Quest course unless it is a Go-Pro that is attached to your helmet.

What Equipment Will I Be Wearing on the Course?

You will be fitted with a full body harness, trolley system, two heavy duty lanyards with safety clips, and a helmet with a miner's helmet light. The equipment is similar to rock climbing equipment, but designed specifically for a ropes course.

How Much Should I Tip My Guides?

Our guides are professionally trained to ensure that you have an educational, memorable, and enjoyable experience. The industry standard for tipping is 15-20% of the tour rate per guide...much like a restaurant.

What If I am Pregnant?

Pregnant women are not allowed to participate in the MEGA QUEST tour. You might consider our historic tram tour instead.

Mega Quest Right of Refusal

Our staff is professionally trained and cares about your safety very much. MEGA QUEST reserves the right to refuse anyone access to the facility if we feel it would be unsafe for them, our other guests or our staff. Some examples of someone we might turn away would be a guest under the influence of drugs or alcohol, someone who is over the weight limits, someone that will not or cannot understand or obey the rules and those who are physically unable to do the challenges. We do everything in our power to get guests out on the course and give them safe access to our facilities. However, MEGA QUEST and our staff will have the final say on any particular person going on or continuing onto the course.

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