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About MEGA Tram

Trams tours are CLOSED FOR SEASON and will re open February 4th, 2017.

The Historic Tram Tour will take you on an underground adventure rich in history, geology, mining, recycling, green building technology, and just simply HUGE in scale!

The man-made cavern spans under a number of roadways above and is part of 17 miles of corridors located beneath the city of Louisville, Kentucky. It's a great tour for all ages—whether you want to learn about science and history or simply want to see what a giant man-made cavern of this magnitude looks like!

You'll hop on an SUV-pulled tram and be joined by a MEGA Cavern expert who will guide you on your underground adventure. It's a 60-70 minute tour, strategically lit to enjoy highlights such as:

  • Some Early Cavern Formations
  • A Historic Replica of the Cuban Missile Fallout Bunker
  • A Worm Recycling/Tasting Room
  • Sights and Facts of the Early Mining Operation
  • Hear About our Storm Dog and Pigeon Eating Hawk
  • And More Surprises Wait Around Every Corner!

Louisville MEGA Cavern is an all-weather attraction. The temperature inside the cavern hovers at a comfortable 58 to 60 degrees year round.

Because you ride through the cavern and never walk, it is especially convenient for parents with small children, seniors and physically challenged.

A wheelchair tram is available for those needing additional assistance, please call ahead to reserve the handicap tram. Click here to contact us. Handicap parking is also available inside the main entrance to the Louisville Mega Cavern. You must have a valid handicap parking permit.

At a Glance

  • Please arrive at least 15-20 minutes early to purchase tickets for the tour as tours depart promptly at the scheduled time
  • Parking Is FREE and is available in our lower parking lot
  • Louisville Mega Cavern is an all-Weather attraction
  • Tours may sell out due to large groups - please call in advance to ensure availability.
  • Historic tour
  • One of only two places in the USA where you can tour a cavern on a tram
  • See the replica of the Cuban missile crisis bunker
  • No walking
  • Learn about geology, mining, recycling, green building technology and more
  • Great for the whole family
  • Wheelchair accessible for certain tours each day. Call ahead for availability.

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Consistently ranked as a top tourist attraction in Louisville, KY. Please click on the Trip Advisor link in this section to read reviews from people that have experienced the thrill and excitement of the Louisville Mega Cavern and all it has to offer.

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Mega Tram FAQ

Can I take a large group on a tour?

Absolutely. Group tours must be booked in advanced, and are available at a discounted rate.

What is Discussed on the Mega Tram Tour?

Your experienced tour guide will provide information about the Cuban Missile Crisis Bunker, the history of the cavern, the use of the facility for green building applications, mining techniques as well as an explanation of what the cavern is used for today.

Shelter from Weather and Nuclear Attacks?

Since the cavern has a 26 foot thick rock ceiling and as much as 50 to 60 feet of dirt above that, this cavern is and was a shelter from weather and nuclear attacks.

What Kind of Storage is Held Here?

There are currently 12 different businesses that are run out of the cavern in the commercial tenant space of over 500,000 square feet. Corporate records, museum artifacts, boats and RV's, public storage, emergency supplies, concrete block manufacturing and PODS are just some of the uses. We cannot divulge all the tenants that are located here due to privacy and security reasons.

How Much Rock was Removed from Here?

There was enough rock removed during the mining operations to build a four lane highway 357 miles long. That equals the same amount of rock that it took to build all three of the Great Pyramids in Egypt.

What Was the Name of the Original Rock Quarry?

The Louisville Crushed Stone Quarry.

Who Mined this Underground Space?

The mine was founded by Ralph Rogers back in the 1930's. He was a great visionary who saw the need for highways in this country especially to the south. He was said to be able to look at a site and tell you just how much rock he could get out of it. His business did very well; especially back during the Depression of the 1930's when the government put people back to work by supporting the construction of new roads and bridges.

How Large is the Cavern and What Was Mined From this Underground Cavern?

The Louisville Mega Cavern is a 100 acre limestone cavern capable of shrugging off a 260 mph tornado and boasts a constant 58 degree temperature. The cavern under the Louisville Zoo has remained virtually dormant since the last load of limestone was mined nearly 40 years ago to build bridges and roads across the Midwest.

Was this a Shelter During Federal Emergencies?

During the Cuban Missile Crisis in the early 1960's, state and federal officials made plans in case of nuclear attack to house 50,000 people in the cavern because it's a natural bomb shelter.

Is this Place Safe?

Geologists say that this is the safest place in Kentucky.

Who Owns the Cavern?

The Cavern is privately owned.

I Heard this was a Recycling Facility too?

Since the early 1990's, a massive amount of recycled concrete, brick, rock and dirt were (and continue to be) off-loaded at the cavern to fill in the holes and create floors and internal roads. Construction to carve out offices and storage spaces is ongoing, making just a dent in the more than 4,000,000 square feet of space.

What is the Temperature in the Cavern?

The temperature remains relatively constant year round at about 58 degrees.

Is this Classified as a Cavern or a Building?

Mega Cavern is classified by the Metro Louisville Government and the State of Kentucky as a building. As a matter of fact, it is the largest building in the State of Kentucky and has been given its own building code.

Is this a Natural Cave or was it Mined?

It was created by a massive limestone quarry – with miners blasting out a mind-boggling amount of rock for over 42 years during the middle of the 20th century. It was acquired in 1989 by private investors who saw the potential to develop a portion of the cavern into an environmentally conscious high security commercial storage facility.

Can I Celebrate a Special Occasion?

Yes. Let us know and we can make special arrangements. We have an outdoor pavilion that can accommodate up to 100 people, and an events space that can hold up to 350! Please contact the marketing department for more information.

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