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About Mega Space

Centrally located within a 1~2 day delivery point to over 80% of the U.S. commercial, and end-user consumer markets is the Louisville Mega Space warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution facility ...a truly unique offering of virtually unlimited space (available for small, and large storage requirements).

There are several differentiating features to the Mega Space warehousing model; the first is unlimited space, the second is the ability to customize our space to meet the exact needs of your product. Whether you need climate and humidity control, have fast or slow moving inventory, we can configure the solution to satisfy your specific needs and your cost of on-hand inventory.

In addition to warehousing, Mega Space can provide you value added services to manage and handle your bulk storage and warehousing needs. If you require fulfillment, picking and packing, and/or repurposing of your product, we will confer with you to design a customized solution to get your product into the supply channel and to your customers.

With more than 100 acres underground in a temperature and humidity-stable environment, Mega Space offers a myriad of features to consider for your specific needs.

Mega Space is huge!!! So, be creative with your inquiry in how we can best service your warehousing and distribution requirements.


At a Glance

  • Highly secure yet readily accessible
  • Constant ambient temperature at 58 degrees F with humidity adjustable space
  • Single pallet to multi-pallet storage service (Small/Large & Short-term/Long-term inquiries welcome)
  • Services offered: packing, labeling, pick/pack/ship, fulfillment, distribution, break-bulk, cross-docking, kitting, contract packaging, and more
  • Fully integrated WMS (warehouse management system), bar-coding, inventory control, detailed billing, report generating, and more
  • Permitted & bonded for food grade materials by the Federal Tax & Trade Bureau

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Mega Space FAQ

How are products/skids actually stored?

Customer products are stored at ground level or on standard pallet racking depending on your requirements, and the specifications of the items to be warehoused. Special storage handling such as isolated areas, covering requirements, monitoring needs, and any other service requirements are no problem for Mega Space. We have a full menu of "value added" services available and are anxious to discuss your specific/unique requirments.

What is your floor to ceiling height?

The ceiling height varies depending on the location in the underground, but this storage area is 22 feet clear.

Who do I contact and how, for more information and other questions?

Please contact Jim Lowry at 502-736-9598 or email to with any questions or information requests, we will promptly respond. 

What are your hours/days of normal business operation?

Our typical business days and hours of operation are Mon-Fri, 8 AM-5 PM EST

May I take a tour of the facility?

Absolutely! We invite all of our current and potential customers to request a tour of Mega Space warehousing and underground facility. We do request, however, that you make an appointment with us so we can provide the attention your visit deserves.

Are there any negative weather or environmental effects on Mega Space?

We are totally protected with weather events……..tornado proof.  We specialize in temperature and humidity control as well as protection from all types of weather issues including severe heat as well as bone chilling cold.  It is always comfortable underground.

How far underground is this facility?

In general, this storage space is about 100 feet underground.

Will my product/inventory be safe and secure?

The geologists tell us that this is the safest place in the State of Kentucky.  That is why we have Federal Government data centers as well as Homeland Security facilities. Due to the nature of the underground facility we have an elevated measure of security not found in above-ground warehousing. All traffic is monitored and logged at the main entrance to Mega Space. Further monitoring by alarms, cameras, and locked warehousing provides the utmost security within our facility.

What products may not be stored in Mega Space?

We store just about anything with the exception of volatile gases.

What is the short/long term service period you offer?

We can offer monthly service terms or design an annualized service agreement to meet your needs: one month or more. Payment can be made by check, card, or wire transfer depending on our customer's preference. Payment is collected on the 1st of each month for the upcoming monthly storage period.

How do you control temperature & humidity?

We do not control temperature since Mother Nature does that for free.  The general temperature inside a warehouse is 62 degrees depending on the activity and the number of people in the warehouse.  Humidity is highly adjustable just like your home.  It is very stable and tends to be about 65% with normal conditions, however, we have storage areas for customers that desire high humidity for wood products as well as storage areas for customers that desire lower humidity as well.

How do you accept orders for processing?

Customer orders can be accepted by telephone, fax, email, EDI, U.S. Mail, or any other carrier or electronic means, as preferred.

Is there a possibility of damage from falling debris?

No.  Our ceiling is 26 feet thick and comprised of 60,000 PSI limestone.  We have never had any issues with falling debris in the storage areas.

What is the minimum/maximum space you will offer?

We are happy to provide safe and secure storage from a single skid or custom unit, to as many and as much space as you might require. Upon review of your storage needs and requirements we are certain to provide all the space needed. Mega Space is huge!!! So be creative with your inquiry for how we can service your warehousing and distribution needs.

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