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Following A.C.C.T. standards, our trained tour guides will lead you on an up to 2 1/2 hour (depending on tour size) thrilling and exhilarating adventure that will take you into never before seen sections of this man-made cavern. Your tour guides will also educate you about the geology and history of this unique attraction. With over 17 miles of underground passageways beneath the City of Louisville, the size and scale of this cavern is huge.

Featuring six underground zip lines, including a fun filled dual racing zip, two awesome challenge bridges that will test your skill, balance, and mettle, this tour is guaranteed to get your heart racing and your adrenaline pumping. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind adventure, MEGA ZIPS is the place to visit.


  • World's Only Fully Underground Zip Line Course

  • Ranked as the #1 attraction in Louisville by Trip Advisor

  • Six Zip Lines and Two Challenge Bridges

  • Up to 2 1/2 hours per tour

  • Must be at least 7 years old and weigh between 55 and 285 lbs.

  • Anyone under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult 18 or older.

  • Walk-ins Welcome (No guarantee of space available without a reservation).

  • Open Year Round

  • INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY - When Louisville Mega Cavern must close due to inclement weather, it is based on the safety factors that affect both our customers and our employees. These include winter weather warnings issued by local government agencies, which could include the Louisville Metro area, State of Kentucky or Federal government officials which will be the basis for the decision. Management will analyze all data in advance of the event and decide on a possible closure in a timely manner. The company could attempt to call all advanced sale customers to notify them of the closure. Closing the cavern will be based on weather that affects the Louisville, Ky Metro area and does not reflect other areas or states in which visitors may be traveling from. In the event of closure of the cavern, each customer will be entitled to a RAIN CHECK for a period of six months after the bad weather event. WE WILL NOT ISSUE REFUNDS. If you are not comfortable about the weather in the Louisville Metro area, we highly recommend that you simply show up on a first come first served basis rather than making an advanced reservation for any of our tours. This allows you to wait to the last second before making a commitment which may result in no refund.

Mega Zips FAQ

How do I pay for the tour?

Payments are required at time of reservation. We accept credit cards. You can pay for your tour online through our secure payment site using your Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Card.

How is it possible to zip underground?

Our cavern was mined for 42 years almost 24 hours per day. It is huge!!! The underground mining created ceiling heights of over 90 feet in some places. People familiar with our other events have only seen areas of the cavern that have lower ceiling heights of approximately 24 feet. MEGA ZIPS is in an area of the cavern, never seen by the public, where the ceiling heights are 70 to 90 feet tall which allows you to zip through the cavern. It is an awesome and thrilling experience...the only underground ziplines and adventure tour in the world!

How long is the Zipline tour?

The tour lasts up to 2 1/2 hours, depending on the size of the group, and includes 6 zip lines, one of which is a dual racing zip, and 2 challenge bridges as well as a narrated explanation about underground mining and geology by your tour guides. Each guide is qualified and trained according to A.C.C.T. standards. (Association for Challenge Course Technology)

Who can zip?

The MEGA ZIPS & Adventure Tour is designed for participants of average mobility and strength who are in reasonably good health. Children up to 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Participant weight guidelines are 55 to 285 pounds. The minimum age requirement is 7 years old. Participants WILL be weighed before zipping. If you do not meet the weight requirement, you will be given a 6 month rain check to return at a later visit. There is a small amount of walking uphill for less than 1/10 of a mile. You must also be able to understand and implement verbal instructions from the tour guides.

Qualifications for participation

Every participant must sign a waiver. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent. If the parent is not present, a photo copy of the parents' driver's license must accompany the signed waiver/release. If the waiver has been altered in any way, you will not be allowed to zip.

No one under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or impairing legal drugs will be allowed to participate on the zip line tour.

Pregnant women, people with heart, back, or leg problems will not be allowed to take the tour.

There are two challenge sky bridges that include short uphill strenuous walks, including one with a 15% grade. You must be able to complete these on your own. The slope of the grade for the walks between zips is approximately 10 percent, in some cases.

What should I wear?

Do not wear sandals, flip flops, open toed shoes or shoes without a back! If you do, you will not be allowed to take the zip line tour and you will still be charged for the tour even though you don't go! You need to wear comfortable closed-toe shoes suitable for walking over dirt and rock surfaces... something like tennis shoes.

We highly recommend that you have a jacket, sweater, or sweat shirt since the constant temperature is around 58 degrees even in the summer. If possible, wear long pants.

If you have long hair, wear it in a pony tail. Do not wear short shorts or shirts that do not have sleeves. This is due to the safety harness gear that you will be wearing... and yes, you must wear a shirt.

Make sure you have deep pockets or a pocket with a zipper or velcro closure if you will be bringing keys, cell phones, wallets or anything else that you do not want to lose. If something falls out at 70 feet above the cavern floor you will not get it back! We recommend that you place your valuables in your car or you may use a provided locker for $1 per use for security purposes. Louisville Mega Cavern and MEGA ZIPS are not responsible for property lost, damaged, or stolen during your tour.

Are reservations required?

No... but reservations are highly recommended. If you do not have a reservation, we will do our best to accommodate you based on availability, however, reservations are first come/first served.

Should I make an advanced reservation?

Yes, yes, yes. We fill up quickly and if you do not make a reservation and pay, you will not be guaranteed a spot on the zipline tour. It is not pleasant for you or for us if you just show up and we can't get you on a tour!

When do I need to arrive for my tour?

You must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your tour time. We also operate on Eastern Time Zone. This will give you enough time to check in for your tour and fill out the necessary paperwork. All tours leave promptly at the designated tour time. If you are late it throws the entire day off for everyone else. You must be on time for your tour. There are no refunds. We cannot delay a tour because you are late. This is not fair for our on time guests. Please plan your travel time wisely and remember any zone and time changes.

Do you conduct tours in bad weather?

We are totally underground, therefore, we do not have any weather issues. We do not have tail winds, head winds, rain, ice, snow or lightning. We are open year-round regardless of the outside weather.

What if I am afraid of heights?

It's not uncommon to have a fear of heights. Many people who have a fear of heights are still able to enjoy our tour. You'll be double-clipped to a thick steel cable at all times when you are off the ground. The tour guides will be able to answer all of your questions and be able to provide safety information and support as you progress on the tour.

Should I bring any personal belongings (keys, wallets, cell phones, etc.) with me on the ziplines?

We do not recommend it. We have locker rentals available for $1 each.

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a 7 day cancellation policy. If you cancel your reservation more than 7 days prior to your tour date, your payment, less a $20 per person administration fee, will be refunded to you. If you need to change your reservation date or time, you may do so one time at no charge, as long as you contact us more than 7 days prior to your originally scheduled tour. NO REFUNDS, RESCHEDULES OR TICKET TRANSFERS WILL BE GIVEN WITH LESS THAN 7 DAYS NOTICE. There are NO EXCEPTIONS including weather related issues.

There are no refunds. If you arrive for the tour and you cannot complete the course due to fear, we will give you a six month rain check. We encourage you to try again. The rain check is specifically for you and cannot be transferred to another person. If you are late for your tour, you will not receive a refund or be able to join your tour. Your tour and tour guides will leave as scheduled whether you are there or not. We expect you to arrive 30 minutes prior to your reserved tour time to enable you to check in and complete the necessary paperwork and training.

How high will I be off the ground?

While walking or zipping during the tour, you will be anywhere from 0-70 feet above the cavern floor.

How far will I be underground?

Depending on your location while on the tour you may be 100 to 165 feet under the highways, roadways and businesses above. We are also under the Louisville Zoo and a full service business park above ground.

How safe is it?

All underground adventure and zipline activities carry certain inherent risks. Our zip line course is built to A.C.C.T. (Association for Challenge Course Technology) professional construction standards. Our tour guides are professionally trained and our equipment is of the highest quality. The course and equipment are inspected daily.

What if I have never zipped before?

The majority of our participants have never experienced a zip line course before. You will receive a complete orientation and training session lasting 15 to 30 minutes before your two tour guides lead you through the course. You will also be trained on a short zip line so that you can get the feel of zipping before beginning the main course.

What equipment will I be wearing while on the zip line course?

You will be fitted with a full body harness, trolley system, two heavy duty lanyards with safety clips, and a helmet with a miner's helmet light. The equipment is similar to rock climbing equipment, but designed specifically for a zip line course.

How much should I tip my guides?

Our guides are professionally trained to ensure that you have an educational, memorable, and enjoyable experience. The industry standard for tipping is 15-20% of the tour rate per guide... much like a restaurant.

What if I am pregnant?

Pregnant women are not allowed to participate in the zip line tour. You might consider our historic tram tour instead.

Will there be breaks for port-a-potty and water during the zip line tour?

We DO NOT have water stations on the course, and we highly suggest that you take advantage of our restroom facilities prior to your scheduled tour time. There will NOT be a restroom break during your tour.

Mega Zips right of refusal

Our staff is professionally trained and cares about your safety very much. MEGA ZIPS reserves the right to refuse anyone access to the tours if we feel it would be unsafe for them, our other guests or our staff. Some examples of someone we might turn away would be a guest under the influence of drugs or alcohol, someone who is over the weight limits, someone that will not or cannot understand or obey the rules and those who are physically unable to do a zip line tour. We do everything in our power to get guests out on a tour and give them safe access to our tours. However, MEGA ZIPS and our staff will have the final say on any particular person going on or continuing on a tour.

What if I am afraid and can't continue?

Sometimes, our guests decide that the course is a bit too much for them to attempt. That particular guest will have six months from the original date of the tour to use their ticket again. Please understand that even though a guest decides to not go out on the course due to fear, you have taken up a slot for another paying guest. We understand that a guest that decides not to go on the tour or wants to come back after starting the tour feels they should not have to pay for a tour not completed. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

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Take Poplar Level Road exit #14 North Drive 1/4 mile Turn right on Taylor Avenue at Wendy's restaurant Drive straight ahead one half mile to 1841 Taylor Avenue


Take I-264 West Drive 5 miles Take Poplar Level Road exit #14 North Drive 1/4 mile Turn right on Taylor Avenue at Wendy's restaurant Drive straight ahead one half mile to 1841 Taylor Avenue


Take I-264 West Drive 9 miles Take Poplar Level Road exit #14 North Drive 1/4 mile Turn right on Taylor Avenue at Wendy's restaurant Drive straight ahead one half mile to 1841 Taylor Avenue


Cross the ohio river Stay on i-65 south for 5 miles Take i-264 east at exit 131a Drive one mile Take Poplar Level Road exit #14 North Drive 1/4 mile Turn right on Taylor Avenue at Wendy's restaurant Drive straight ahead one half mile to 1841 Taylor Avenue


Take I-264 East Drive one mile Take Poplar Level Road exit #14 North Drive 1/4 mile Turn right on Taylor Avenue at Wendy's restaurant Drive straight ahead one half mile to 1841 Taylor Avenue


Take I-264 East Take Poplar Level Road exit #14 North Drive 1/4 mile Turn right on Taylor Avenue at Wendy's restaurant Drive straight ahead one half mile to 1841 Taylor Avenue